Greetings, mortals

To the second revision of this blog! Or the third! Fifth! sigh.

I can’t promise timely updates decent content nor any meaningful contribution, but at least now my blog doesn’t look half bad. Bland is better than unreadable!

If you haven’t noticed, there’s two “versions” of my wordpress installation – Hebrew and English ones. I’ve yet to decide how exactly I want to manage this one out, whether I’ll translate every single article and put it on both languages or just do the important ones. I feel like I want at least some sort of representation on both mediums. It’s mostly just FOMO.

I like telling people about the things I do. Some of it might end up here, and hopefully will be of interest to you. If you liked something and want more of it, I’m always up for feedback in comment form (or just directly messaging me at any of the platforms).

Enjoy your stay~

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